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Dapplegrey 7.5


Dapplegrey is a frontend for the macOS DOSBox port (which is available on the official DOSBox website) written in Xojo.


In case you use already DBGL, or SVN build versions, these ports can also be used as DOSBox source to run games with.


Dapplegrey enables you to set options provided by DOSBox, instead of editing the DOSBox config file manually for each game you want to run.


The config file sent to DOSBox will be written to hard disk drive just before Dapplegrey tells DOSBox to start.


Dapplegrey 7.5 - Remembering Keyboardlayout now


  • Selected keyboard layout finally will be remembered now, lo longer being reset to "USA" at every start of Dapplegrey.
  • In the Dapplegrey internal Help System, the contacting options has been revised
  • (how to get in touch with the Dapplegrey programmer)







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