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WinUAE 4.4.0 Beta 2


WinUAE is a 32-bit Windows version (XP/Vista/7) of the UAE Amiga Emulator. UAE is the collaborative effort of a number of Amiga enthusiasts to create a portable Amiga emulator under the GNU Public License. The source-code for all UAE versions is available, and donated code is always appreciated.


WinUAE allows you to run Amiga software under Windows, including many games, demos, and applications. General compatibility is excellent, and there are a number of enhancements in WinUAE compared to a standard Amiga computer.




WinUAE is a very feature-rich implementation of an Amiga:

  • Picasso96 RTG support, so that your Amiga can make use of all available display modes of your PC graphics-card. P96-RTG is implemented as a Zorro-III graphics-card to the Amiga.
  • CD-ROM, CDTV and CD32 drive support, for accessing Amiga CD-ROM discs.
  • Windows file-system support, so that your Amiga can use your PC hard-drive's file-system directly. Makes it easy to share files between Windows and the Amiga.
  • Full Harddisk support, for maximum compatibility, and reduced risk. HDToolbox, RDB and custom filesystems supported. Able to mount real hard disks with RDB and Amithlon partitions. Kickstart 1.3 hardfiles now supported with FastFileSystem in KS roms directory.
  • Zorro-III memory-expansion support, so that you can emulate an Amiga with up to 2GB of RAM.
  • Super-Alice custom-chip, with up to 8-Megs of Chip Memory.
  • Virtual networking support, through either your Ethernet or Dial-Up Networking connection to the world.
  • MIDI output support.
  • JIT CPU emulation.
  • Action Replay 1/2/3 support.
  • Compressed Kickstart ROM support.
  • All keys now usable as Amiga keys including Windows keys and are usable in Input-tab configuration.
  • Floppy disk speed slider and configurable floppy drive types.
  • Quickstart mode allows you to select pre-configured Amiga models
  • And many, many more!


Beta 2:

  • Custom CPU frequency selection fixed (b1)
  • CPU speed adjustment supported in more compatible (prefetch) CPU mode.
  • 68020+ speed has changed again. Was also changed in b1.
  • "uae-configuration cdimage0 ." left image partially mounted in some situations. GUI eject button always worked.
  • FPU FGETMAN should ignore current rounding mode, result is always in extended precision.
  • Debugger "mustchange" memwatch point flag was never cleared.
  • Added misc panel enable checkbox for beta 1 introduced debug logging. Note that quickstart mode always disables it.
  • BPLCON4 sprite bank selection bits have different delay than bitplane "XOR" bits. Sprites: 1 hires pixel. Bitplanes: 2 hires pixels. It was wrong previously.
  • "diskchange rdh0:" can be now used to eject drag&drop mounted directory/file/archive harddrive.
  • 68030 MMU with more compatible (prefetch) is not stable, at least in Amix (as usual..). Will be fixed later.







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