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no$gba 3.02


no$gba a is a Nintendo GameBoy Advance & Nintendo DS emulator / debugger for Windows and DOS. No$gba features multiplayer support.


It is currently the fastest working GBA emulator, as it can run most games at full speed on a computer with an Intel Pentium or faster processor.


This is due to it being written entirely in 80x86 assembly. It is also the only working GBA or NDS emulator for MS-DOS.


16 May 2020 - version 3.02

  • 3ds/vfp/help: multiply note about FMUL X,X,X.. and FMAC Y,Y,Y.. (thanks kemal)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: added triangle drawing examples (thanks to profi200 for help)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: created I/O map chapters for gpu internal/external registers
  • 3ds/gpu/help: renamed several registers, especially ATTR_BUF related ones
  • 3ds/gpu/help: swapped/renamed width and height to match up with actual usage
  • 3ds/gpu/help: important details/corrections for rendering pipeline registers
  • 3ds/gpu/help: better GPUREG_IRQ_xxx and GPU_MEMCOPY descriptions
  • 3ds/gpu/help: info on undocumented flat shading and striped/dotted modes
  • 3ds/gpu/help: info on undocumented memory traffic and vertex/polygon counters
  • 3ds/gpu/help: added undocumented gpu register stubs (inside of gpu chapters)
  • 3ds/gpu/help: started to rewrite and rearrange unclear gpu descriptions
  • 3ds/gpu/help: removed meaningless sentences alike this register is used to...
  • 3ds/gpu/help: removed nonsense definitions alike unsigned 1bit enable flag
  • 3ds/gpu/help: gpu external registers: added memory control/status registers
  • a22i/float: .float16/24/32/64/80 supports multiple operands (using commas)







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