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ZEsarUX 8.2 beta 1


ZEsarUX - ZX Second-Emulator And Released for UniX


Created by Cesar Hernandez Bano


It's a ZX Machines Emulator for UNIX based operating systems (and Windows), including all the Sinclair computers:

  • MK14
  • ZX80
  • ZX81
  • ZX Spectrum
  • QL
  • Z88


And also:

  • Timex TS 2068
  • Sam Coupe
  • Pentagon
  • Chloe 140 SE, 280 SE
  • Chrome
  • Prism
  • ZX-Uno
  • ZX-Evolution BaseConf
  • ZX-Evolution TS-Conf
  • TBBlue/ZX Spectrum Next
  • Jupiter Ace
  • Amstrad CPC 464, CPC 4128


ZEsarUX source code and binaries are distributed under GNU GPL license. ZEsarUX also includes a folder, "my_soft", which has some programs and data made by me. The entire folder is also covered by the GNU GPL license.


ZEsarUX also includes third-party roms, media, programs and games NOT covered by this license.


This is my second ZX Spectrum emulator after ZXSpectr https://github.com/chernandezba/zxspectr


I recommend you to read FEATURES, INSTALL and HISTORY files, as well as other documents in this emulator. You can open them from the help menu or from an external viewer.


ZEsarUX distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3. You may read it on the LICENSE file.


ZEsarUX has won the "Best Emulator" award from Retrogaming Total blog on 2015 and 2017


ZEsarUX 8.2 beta 1


Version 8.2 - beta 1 - Turbo Esprit edition. 21 May 2020

  • Added support for compilation on FreeBSD
  • Added F key to toggle top cpu speed
  • Added emulation of AY chip MIDI registers 14 & 15 and route them to an external MIDI device
  • Added Visualmem for MMC Read/Write
  • Added Visualmem "Defrag style"
  • Added browser for quicksave snapshots
  • Added save screen to bmp feature
  • Added Solarized Dark & Light Gui Style
  • Added Windows icon
  • Added ZRCP commands:
    • save-screen: to save machine screen to file
  • Improved menu:
    • Allow some windows to be put on the background. Also active windows are saved and restored on startup
    • Pressing the menu key (F5 by default) when menu is open, it will send you back to the main menu. Also pressing over Z logo on ext desktop
    • Added setting to disable showing cpu temperature, or FPS on footer
    • Warn in red colour when FPS low
  • Improved Esxdos handler:
    • add f_mkdir function
    • add configuration setting to save local work directory
  • Improved ZRCP:
    • Allow to write commands in "". Not all commands support this
    • Added save-binary command
  • Improved TBBlue emulation:
    • Added Layer2 modes 320x256 and 640x256
    • Added 4bpp sprites
    • Enable Timex video by default
    • Added altrom feature: now 48k and 128k mode works again
    • Legacy hi-res and border effects disabled by default. Reduces up to 13% cpu use or gain 17 FPS on my environment
    • Reduced a bit cpu usage (2% cpu less on my environment) when rendering scanlines
    • Emulate register 0x8E (142) => Spectrum 128K Memory Mapping
    • Allow to download a 512 MB TBBlue SD official card (allowed download sizes: 32MB, 128MB, 512MB, 2 GB)
    • Allow paths with backslashes on esxdos handler
  • Improved debugging:
    • Added breakpoint action "reset-tstatp"
    • Added SEG0, SEG1, ... SEG7 variables to match TBBlue MMU pages
  • Improved Chloe emulation:
    • Support CPU speed setting via the ZX-Uno SCANDBLCTRL register
    • Load unodos3.rom as the default divmmc firmware
    • Added chloehd.mmc in the extras package
  • Improved emulation:
    • use a slightly less cpu on every scanline
  • Fixed ZRCP bugs:
    • Fix possible crash when disconnecting socket
    • Using cpu-history ZRCP command no longer fires additional MRA conditions
  • Fixed Esxdos handler:
    • Fixed segfaults when using a file handler that was a directory
  • Fixed rom loading:no more cpu panic when the rom is not found
  • Fixed SCF/CCF undocumented flags emulation. Not enabled by default on compilation because almost no one is using this
  • Fixed saving "Show CPU usage" setting on footer
  • Fixed tbblue bugs:
    • Fixed 8 first lines of tiles on border not shown
    • Fixed text mode (1 bit tile)
    • Fixed reading palette colours. Fixed returning from multiface nmi
    • Fixed reading clipping values







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