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SameBoy 0.13.3



SameBoy is an open source Game Boy (DMG) and Game Boy Color (CGB) emulator, written in portable C. It has a native Cocoa frontend for macOS, an SDL frontend for other operating systems, and a libretro core. It also includes a text-based debugger with an expression evaluator. Visit [the website](https://sameboy.github.io/).


Features common to both Cocoa and SDL versions:

  • Supports Game Boy (DMG) and Game Boy Color (CGB) emulation
  • Lets you choose the model you want to emulate regardless of ROM
  • High quality 96KHz audio
  • Battery save support
  • Save states
  • Includes open source DMG and CGB boot ROMs:
    • Complete support for (and documentation of) *all* game-specific palettes in the CGB boot ROM, for accurate emulation of Game Boy games on a Game Boy Color
    • Supports manual palette selection with key combinations, with 4 additional new palettes (A + B + direction)
    • Supports palette selection in a CGB game, forcing it to run in 'paletted' DMG mode, if ROM allows doing so.
    • Support for games with a non-Nintendo logo in the header
    • No long animation in the DMG boot
  • Advanced text-based debugger with an expression evaluator, disassembler, conditional breakpoints, conditional watchpoints, backtracing and other features
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Emulates [PCM_12 and PCM_34 registers](https://github.com/LIJI32/GBVisualizer)
  • T-cycle accurate emulation of LCD timing effects, supporting the Demotronic trick, Prehistorik Man, [GBVideoPlayer](https://github.com/LIJI32/GBVideoPlayer) and other tech demos
  • Real time clock emulation
  • Retina/High DPI display support, allowing a wider range of scaling factors without artifacts
  • Optional frame blending (Requires OpenGL 3.2 or later)
  • Several [scaling algorithms](https://sameboy.github.io/scaling/) (Including exclusive algorithms like OmniScale and Anti-aliased Scale2x; Requires OpenGL 3.2 or later or Metal)

Features currently supported only with the Cocoa version:

  • Native Cocoa interface, with support for all system-wide features, such as drag-and-drop and smart titlebars
  • Game Boy Camera support

[Read more](https://sameboy.github.io/features/).


SameBoy passes all of [blargg's test ROMs](http://gbdev.gg8.se/wiki/articles/Test_ROMs#Blargg.27s_tests), all of [mooneye-gb's](https://github.com/Gekkio/mooneye-gb) tests (Some tests require the original boot ROMs), and all of [Wilbert Pol's tests](https://github.com/wilbertpol/mooneye-gb/tree/master/tests/acceptance). SameBoy should work with most games and demos, please [report](https://github.com/LIJI32/SameBoy/issues/new) any broken ROM. The latest results for SameBoy's automatic tester are available [here](https://sameboy.github.io/automation/).


SameBoy 0.13.3


This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x and newer.

New/Improved Features

  • The scaling filters were updated to use gamma-corrected color mixing, improving the quality of all shaders, especially the LCD and CRT shaders.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression in the CGB and AGB boot ROMs where wrong palettes were chosen for Nintendo DMG games.







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