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Z80Stealth 1.1 7


Z80Stealth is the Speccy 128,Pentagon 128/512/1024,Scorpion ZS 256, Profi 1024,  KAY 1024 emulator for Windows. Main goal is to emulate Speccy's hardware as close as possible. 
Main features: 
  • very good z80 emulation, _perfect_ AY-3-8910(12)/YM2149F and General Sound emulation, beeper, Covox, SounDrive emulation.
  • KP1818VG93 (Betadisk/TRDOS) emulation, menus to load/save/browse your collection of Speccy's snaps,tapes,disks.
  • Emulation of such hardware as Cache,GIGASCREEN,Flash-color,16col,CMOS etc
  • It supports popular file formats:
  • Snapshots - Z80 (+ Z80Stealth's enhanced version), SNA,SLT,SP,PRG,ACH,SIT
  • Tape - TAP,TZX,PZX
  • TR-DOS Disk format supported: TRD, SCL (both are with auto-boot feature!)
  • ZIP archives for TR-DOS disks
  • File: open save snapshots, disk images, save screenshots
  • Options: choose zx model, autoboot trdos on/off
  • Video: change video options - size, palette, scanlines, opengl mode
  • Sound: change sound options - frequency, music chip type/stereo mode, turn on/off sound    devices (Covox,Sound Drive)
  • Input: configure emulation of zx joysticks, kempston mouse
  • Load Disk: opens trdos disk images file browser, selected image is loaded in drive a:
  • Cheats: well... it opens window with cheat list)
  • Help: help/about


20 /10/2012 v1.1 7 

  • Removed TRD Toolbar button, made INSTEAD LOAD button to load Snapshots, TRDOS Disk Images, Tapes, ZX Screens (scr), unpacked or ZIP archives instead of the button to download the disk image now button LOAD to load all supported fomatov emulsion, zip archives 
  • Added ZIP Support for tape formats, ZX Screens Support zip images for magazines and dumps 







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