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ICE64 3.6 (Beta)


ICE64 is a N64 emulator base on NICE64 v2.1.2 code base and is currently under Phase III of development.  It is used as a learning platform to upgrade my programming skill.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, compatibility to Zilmar specification is not a consideration and ICE64 emulator and plugins do not conform 100% to Zilmar specification.

Project Objectives

The main objectives are listed below : 

  • fix known bugs
  • review original source codes for learning purpose
  • replace existing functions where possible
  • implement new logic / algorithm to improve game speed, new functionality or bug fix
  • maintain overall stability

Project at a Glance:

ICE64 includes a N64 emulator(ICE64), audio(ICE64Aud), gfx(MyGlide64) and input(ICE64Input) plugins.  The current build for ICE64 is v3.2 and it is currently under review, planning and preparation.

  • fix some games settings
  • rewrite SI timing and update related functions codes handling
  • fix a silly typo bug for SI from v3.0(Final)


Core Changes

Normal users are not advised to download and use Beta release unless you know the risk involved. All Alpha release users are advised to upgrade to the Beta release or revert back to v3.5(Final) release. All users must read the posts, especially "tips & tricks" - 1st time users is a MUST, on ICE64 forum before you start using the emulator.

  • fix Bomber notebook and Deku bubble attack regression in v3.5(affected by last minute change)
  • fix random window "residual" when starting a game and smoother window resizing during open / close / swap window
  • remove Mischief Maker and FZero hack (experimental)
  • fix underflow bug for program counter index
  • minor bug fix on some of the ucodes render triangle function
  • update masking check and add handling of invalid address
  • fix memory write bug in helper function
  • fix Armymen Air Combat regression
    • Protect Memory can go in-game again
    • fix random lost of audio when go in-game
  • experimental fix on mempak, eeprom, sram and flashram
    • fix bug in mempak and eeprom
    • proper handling of mempak and eeprom status in mempak, eeprom, sram and flashram
    • remove old flashram fix
    • should fix all the random crash and slowdown caused by flashram game using non-empty mempak
  • implement generic fillrect algorithm to fix ugly fillrect (experimental)
    • remove Body Harvest and Pokemon Stadium 2 fillrect hack
  • implement new texrect algorithm to fix ugly horizontal lines (experimental)
    • fix following games without use of "increase_texrect_edge" option
    • Armymen Air Combat, Bomberman Hero, MegaMan, New Tetris, Tetrisphere, Rainbow Six
    • fix MACE vertical line without causing horizontal line gap in character selection menu
    • fix Dual Heroes corrupt horizontal line and remove existing hack
    • fix all of Bomberman Hero ugly lines at the Area selection screen, finally
    • fix regression in Body Harvest and Batman
    • fix regression in GoldenEye and TGR2
    • remove "increase_texrect_edge" option
  • minor fix on copy texture buffer
    • GoldenEye depot mission works for both link yes and no
  • minor bug fix on cheat codes
  • fix the check and invalidate function on compiled blocks for Protect Memory
  • experimental lighting fix
  • experimental fix on loadblock boundary check (don't agree with logic use)






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