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no$sns 1.4


no$sns is a  SNES/SFC emulator/debugger for windows


  • The program is 100% assembler code. Accuracy should be quite high (if not: bug are reports welcome).
  • Controllers: 1-2 Joypads, Multitap, Mouse, Lightguns (via mouse), NTT Data Pad, X-Band Keyboard
  • Coprocessors: SA-1 (in v1.1), GSU (in v1.1), DSP, ST010/11, CX4, OBC1, S-DD1, SPC7110, S-RTC, RTC-4513, SFC-Box
  • Add-ons: Satellaview, Turbofile (TFII and STF)
  • Debugger: Assembler, Disassembler, Xboo-Upload Function (for testing code on real SNES).
  • Requirements: Win95 and up, around 8MB RAM, around 200MHz (tested) (on 1GHz computers, most games can run 5-10 times faster as on real hardware).

Known Problems

  • Interlace Mode (vertical hires) isn't yet supported (used only by 3 games or so)
  • Offset-Per-Tile Mode isn't yet supported (used by Starfox... and probably by some further games...?)
  • GUIs of Copiers and Cheat Devices should be working (but without actually emulating FDDs or Patches)
  • ST018 isn't yet supported


24 Oct 2012 - no$sns v1.4

freeware: currently all no$sns versions are free with and without dontations still donations would be very welcome - http://nocash.emubase.de/donate.htm (expenses for software development are near zero, but there are some other small expenses; like buying bread and coffee and getting the rent paid)

  • controls: emulates exertainment bicycle (analog gamepad for rpm/calories/etc.)
  • nss: ignores PROM clk-egdes are PROM reset-release time (required for 5 games)
  • nss: improved osd emulation (zoom/scroll/etc based on specs from datasheet)
  • nss: added 5 new keys to nss-keys.zip (now contains keys for all 12 games)
  • nss: fine-tuned osd charset resizing (charset is now dumped; thanks to DogP)
  • magicnss/bsx/flr: cosmetic fixes for shading/dithering of the floor cells
  • magicnss: added more OSD colors & lowercase text, removed unsupp. "$" symbol
  • bugfix: don't mirror SRAM from 700000h to F00000h (especially for 4MB LoROM)
  • debug: vram viewer shows vram tiles (with scrollbar for seeing all memory)
  • debug: debug message window (allows character output via port 21FCh)
  • debug: general-purpose 32bit 21MHz clock cycle counter (read via port 21FCh)
  • a22i/help: fixed some nss-osd punctuation marks in both specs and assembler
  • help: nss: added caution on ignored PROM clk-edges at PROM reset-relase time
  • help: nss: osd specs from M50458 datasheet (thanks to DogP for datasheet)
  • help: nss: added note on INST-ROM pins A13/A14 just wired to VCC (thanks DogP)
  • help: exertainment: data packet transfer specs (rpm,miles,calories,etc.)
  • help: exertainment: rs232 controller specs (thanks to byuu for chipset photo)
  • gui: cursor+shift checks VK_LSHIFT/VK_RSHIFT (win XP doesn't support VK_SHIFT)


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