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achtBit 1.8


achtBit is a 8 bit emulator created from scratch, including an assembler.

Ever had the experience of a 8 bit system, having max. 64k memory, using assembler to write effective small programs?

This system is an experimental 8 bit, 16 color computer, with a processer similar to Z80, that (on my laptop using linux with NO opengl support) achieves up to 1.2 Million instructions per second and 50 Hz. screen refresh rate.

It has a builtin assembler to load assembler programs.

There is a rudimentary rom that implements some basic functions like line input, or a system clock.

Also there is a snake game, (depending on that rom), as a reference and for fun!


  • eight bit cpu emulator
  • customizable 16 color palette
  • one text and three graphic modes
  • sound port (one line)
  • machine language similar to Z80
  • builtin assembler
  • builtin load of assembler programs and memory dumps
  • builtin debug tools
  • reference game "snake" written in assembler


achtBit 1.8

  • achtbit.jar
    • finetunings to improve the performance (now the different panels don't slow down the machine any more)
  • snake
    • fixed some syntax errors in the help screen


achtbit | Free System Administration software downloads at SourceForge.net





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