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Steem SSE 3.4.0


Steem SSE is a new version of Steem based on this release. It incorporates new features, some of them based on the Hatari emulator, some on various internet discussions and documentation.

Steem SSE aims to become the #1 STF/STE emulator. There's no limitation in the original Steem structure that would make that goal unreachable. For the moment, only the Windows build is available.

'SSE' stands for 'Steven Seagal Edition'. Steven Seagal is a well known Aikido grandmaster, action movie star, musician and playboy.


V.3.4.0, 22/09/2012

New features 

  • New machine options: STF ("wake up state 2") for funny differences (Forest, Nostalgia menu); Mega STF 4 with blitter because we can afford it now.
  • Auto-selection of TOS102 or 106 if they're available when switching STF/STE
  • Can save memory state (and program works on restart) also with programs using keyboard chip reprogramming (Dragonnels, Froggies, Transbeauce 2).
  • The large display mode can be 400x275 or 400x278.
  • Very large display mode is now 412x280.
  • Stricter distinction between STF and STE for left border removal. Programs that shouldn't work in STE mode include Omega Full Overscan, SNY/TCB, SoWatt/Sync etc.
  • Primitive low pass filter for STE sound.
  • The same kind is used for STF sound instead of the former one, which maybe was overkill, for a less muffled sound, also fine for samples (Mortville  Manor). New option.
  • Using 3rd party DSP code by Maverick (Fabio Bizzetti) for Microwire controls  (volume, balance, bass & treble). New option 'STE Micreowire'.
  • Some FDC fixes or hacks, the solid ones based on Hatari.
  • 6301 true emu (using code by Arne Riiber and doc by Stephane Catala  Belzebub / ST Connexion)
  • All new options introduced with 'SSE' are now on their own option page. This was very easy to do thanks to the way Steem originally was coded. Will make the eventual Linux port easier too.
  • Option 'Stealth Mode' When you enable this option, Steem won't cooperate with programs trying to assert if they run on an emulator. It may be useful if there are still incurable hardware fanboys around producing worthwhile code that refuses to run in emulators (I know of no case though), or if some hacker fixed  the program to adapt it to an emulation issue that has since been improved.






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