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snes9x-sx2 0.1


snes9x-sx2 is a SNES emulator for windows enabling the on-line features of the the BS-X Satellaview.

It can do some of the things that bsnes-sx2 (or maybe higan-sx2) can do, as in Satellaview Data Downloads (bsxdat folder, with the exact same files as for the other), proper Memory Pack support, which was a pain to add, and proper Memory Map for BS-X BIOS. Please note that the Memory Pack isn't emulated in games that can support them. Soundlink isn't supported yet, I'm still not sure how that works, it's a bit confusing.

I made this because some people can't use bsnes/higan, and thus, I want this Satellaview emulation to be accessible by everyone, I still plan to do much more things, but for now, enjoy.


This is the first release no changes to report as a result.


BS-X Project - Reviving with Emulation





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