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Arcan 0.2.1


Arcan is a portable and fully scriptable frontend for launching games, emulators and other full-screen applications in a visual appealing way, as seamlessly as possible. The API is sufficiently complete for other projects as well, e.g. rapid game prototyping (both 2D and 3D).

While the main theme ('Gridle') is geared towards being quick, easy to use and setup (no editing of mysterious configuration files), the main target audience is advanced hobbyists that wants to get their hands dirty with graphics programming without necessarily a strong background in it.


  • Video playback
  • LED Controller support
  • Basic 2D features (animations, transformations, picking)
  • Detailed event-model
  • Scriptable (in LUA currently)
  • Able to hijack rendering / input from launched targets and expose as scriptable entities
  • OGG music / WAV sample playback
  • Database backend
  • Highly tunable performance characteristics


Too many to list here, refer to documentation for a list of changes.




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