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no$psx 1.0


no$psx is a PlayStation emulator / debugger for Windows.


03 Dec 2012 no$psx v1.0 - first release

The Emulation should be complete with all hardware features fully implemented and working, though as by now it's tested with only a dozen of games, so there may be still some problems with other games (bug reports are welcome).

The BIOS is emulated via a BIOS-clone, which is free and faster than the original PSX-BIOS. There may be still some compatibilty issues (especially as most PSX games are applying patches the to original BIOS; the BIOS clone is reproducing known patches, but may fail on unknown ones). In case of problems, it may be recommended to use a copy of the original BIOS (with filename PSX-BIOS.ROM in no$psx folder).

CDROMs are supported via real CDROM drive, via complete disk images (in .NRG or .CUE+BIN format), via single-track images (.ISO files), or as raw executables (.EXE files).

Requirements are 1-2GHz, which is maybe not so fast (other PSX emulators are said to be working at 200MHz). CPU emulation is currently done on the fly (I might get that faster by using pre-compiled code in future versions). Rendering is done by software (I could maybe improve speed by adding dual core processor support) (another way would be using hardware acceleration, but my experiences are that this stuff isn't too pixel accurate, if it's working at all).

Debugging/Development functions include disassembler, debugger, breakpoints, assembler, I/O map viewer, VRAM viewer, polygon viewer, TTY console window, and complete PSX hardware specs.

Updates are planned, I'd love to spend more months on the PSX. The problem is that I am almost totally broke, eventually I can get through December, but in January I might start needing to borrow money from my parents. That would help me temporarily, but, in long term, I don't want to become "the guy that gets paid by his parents for making emulators". So far, it would be a big relief if more people would click the donate button - money is scaring me, and I don't need much of it, but I could really need some support. If you like the program and can afford a donation: Please help!


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