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DCAlice 2012.12.09


DCALICE Windows emulates the Tandy MC10, 4K Alice, Alice Alice 32 and 90 of Matra-Hachette  It also emulates, with all four computers, controller MSX32_FDJ and two floppy drives


Version 2012.12.09

  • Adding emulation floppy controller developed by Darren Atkinson
  • Added emulation of computers and Alice Tandy MC10 4K Matra-Hachette
  • Added hotkey "SCROLL OFF" for a full reset (power-off)
  • The right Shift key is equivalent to the left Shift key.
  • Improved presentation Recorder tool.
  • Recognition of Windows HID devices (especially USB joysticks).
  • Correction of an error emulation processor instruction DAA 6803.
  • Fixed a bug in the keyboard layout to emulate joysticks.
  • Fixed a bug mode "jump in / program" in the tool development.


DCAlice - Emulateur MC10 Tandy et Alice Matra Hachette pour Windows





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