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BizHawk 1.4.0


BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

here is a list of features offered by bizhawk.

Supported Systems

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Sega Master System
  • SG-1000
  • Game Gear
  • PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM
  • SuperGrafx
  • TI-83 Calculator


  • Sega Genesis (low compatibility list)
  • Gameboy (Debugger only)


BizHawk 1.4.0

Released: 12/23/2012

  • New Core: Atari 7800
  • Fix broken Game Gear support, as well as savestates for NES and Atari 2600
  • NESHawk
    • support "ACCLAIM-AOROM" (wizards and warriors 3)
    • Improve VRC6 audio
    • FDS Audio - fix a few bugs; opening of Metroid (FDS) sounds correct now
    • Implement Sunsoft 5b Audio (Gimmick (J
    • Fix Shin 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong: Yakuman Tengoku
    • Implement HVC-EKROM board - (fixes Just Breed, Royal Blood, Shin 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong)
    • MMC5: Audio now works.
    • implement NROM-368. (Homebrew mapper)
    • fix PAL DMC and Noise channel frequencies.
    • JALECO_JF_19: change behavior so that "Moero!! Pro Yakyuu '88: Kettei Ban" now runs
    • MMC1: fix Bases Loaded II
    • BANDAI-FGC: Support saveram (serial EEPROM).
  • Multiclient
    • Implemented a system for controller vs hotkey conflicts. There is now a key priority option in the config menu and status bar, either controller input can override hotkeys, hotkeys can override input, or both can happen.
    • Condense all BIOS and Firmware paths into a single global Firmware folder
    • Controller Config
      • Show conflicts with in a particular controller itself
      • Add a Restore Defaults context menu item that sets up a default mapping for a given controller type.
      • Input Config - add context menu - Clear option, for each controller
    • Virtual Pad
      • Implement sticky toggle checkbox
      • Fix - smarter clear function, only clears the sticky buttons pressed by the VirtualPad tool instead of also clearing stickies set by autohold hotkeys
    • Hex editor
      • fix crash with odd-sized memory domains and 2/4 byte value sizes, fix display bug with odd-sized memory domains, fix display bugs with >64KB memory domains.
      • fix exception when Hex Editor is loaded when no Game is loaded
    • SNES GFX Debugger
      • make clipboard image copying less flaky. natt may be interested in this.
      • add BG scroll regs
      • add in-place sprite viewing mode
      • obj properties display
    • TAStudio - Main form hotkey/controller input works while focused on TAStudio
    • Path Config - implement a Base ROM path, determines what folder will be defaulted to when Opening a ROM when no ROM is currently loaded
    • Lua
      • gui.text() behaves more consistently with different window sizes
      • implement client.getwindowsize
      • input.getmouse() - button fields are now bools. position fields are now in emulated screen coordinates




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