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no$psx 1.3


no$psx is a PlayStation emulator / debugger for Windows.

The Emulation should be complete with all hardware features fully implemented and working, though as by now it's tested with only a dozen of games, so there may be still some problems with other games (bug reports are welcome).

The BIOS is emulated via a BIOS-clone, which is free and faster than the original PSX-BIOS. There may be still some compatibilty issues (especially as most PSX games are applying patches the to original BIOS; the BIOS clone is reproducing known patches, but may fail on unknown ones). In case of problems, it may be recommended to use a copy of the original BIOS (with filename PSX-BIOS.ROM in no$psx folder).

CDROMs are supported via real CDROM drive, via complete disk images (in .NRG or .CUE+BIN format), via single-track images (.ISO files), or as raw executables (.EXE files).

Requirements are 1-2GHz, which is maybe not so fast (other PSX emulators are said to be working at 200MHz). CPU emulation is currently done on the fly (I might get that faster by using pre-compiled code in future versions). Rendering is done by software (I could maybe improve speed by adding dual core processor support) (another way would be using hardware acceleration, but my experiences are that this stuff isn't too pixel accurate, if it's working at all).

Debugging/Development functions include disassembler, debugger, breakpoints, assembler, I/O map viewer, VRAM viewer, polygon viewer, TTY console window, and complete PSX hardware specs.


26 Jan 2013 no$psx v1.3

  • video: new rendering modes: 32bpp (mostly for MDECs), 8bpp (for old PCs), Auto
  • video: supports horizontal screen centering and left/right screen borders
  • video: matched PAL vertical centering to values used by "majority" of games
  • video: fixed lower-border rendering (always using xsiz instead xsiz_div16)
  • video: optional forced-automatic-centering (recommended for chaotic PAL games)
  • video: optional better-than-real rendering with quads instead of triangles
  • gpu: supports linestrips with uncommon end-codes (Wild Arms 2 uses 50005000h)
  • cdrom: supports .sub files (for libcrypt, and for .ccd's without index 0)
  • cdrom: supports .cdz files (and optionally deleting them after decompression)
  • cdrom: supports error on "standby" command (used by Nightmare Creatures 2)
  • cdrom: supports (de-)mute (avoid noise during modchip detect in Dino Crisis 1)
  • cdrom: seek+setloc goto sectors before target (not to target) (tomb raider 2)
  • cdrom: seek aborts reading (for Wild Arms 1 which lacks preceeding pause cmd)
  • cdrom: seek updates data for any following getloc (needed for Resident Evil 1)
  • cdrom: added getloc_l errors during seek (required for legacy of kain intro)
  • cdrom: added newly discovered cd xa adpcm-buffer-empty-flag (1F801800h.bit2)
  • cdrom: fixed subchannel-Q crc_16_ccitt byte-order (crc must be big-endian)
  • cdrom: odd stuff like setloc+read+setloc+read+pause+read+pause+read combos
  • vram-viewer: shows logged GPU command origins (CPU PC and DMA start/link)
  • vram-viewer: shows laser-arrow for GP0(E3h,E4h,E5h) commands draw area/offset
  • vram-viewer: allows tree-access after run (fill_3d_poly_tree_if_any_if_needed)
  • vram-viewer: prevents mishandled ESC-key in hex-gpu-command child window
  • debug: dynamic data/break-list allocation (no more limit on .sym datazones)
  • bios: added "patch_missing_cop0r13_14opcodes_k0_k1" variant (ridge racer)
  • help: added details on gpu-linestrip end-code and various new cdrom details
  • help: added "information" on Xe Multi System Emulator's CD Image File Format
  • help: added notes on chaotic screen centering values used by most PAL games
  • icon: psx button-style icon symbols, at 12x12,16x16,32x32,48x48 pix sizes
  • web: uploaded photos of the psx-xboo bios and parallel port upload circuit
  • web: added nonazi logo (we are no longer mass-murdering ourselves in germany)


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