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jzIntv 1.0 beta 4


jzIntv is, in part, an Intellivision emulator.  That is, jzIntv emulates the hardware of the Intellivision Master Component and some of its peripherals.

jzIntv is also portable.  Over the years, jzIntv has been ported to the following platforms:

  • DOS (now defunct)
  • Linux (x86, x86-64, ARM (GP2X))
  • FreeBSD (x86, x86-64, perhaps others)
  • MacOS Classic (PPC-now defunct)
  • MacOS X (PPC and x86)
  • PSP (MIPS)
  • Solaris (SPARC)
  • Win32 (x86)

jzIntv is also a project.  The jzIntv project includes a complete development kit.  It originally aimed to include comprehensive documentation on the hardware, although now Kyle Davis' excellent IntelliWiki has taken on that torch:  http://intelliwiki.kylesblog.com/


This document covers the emulator as opposed to the larger project. See jzintv/doc/utilities and jzintv/doc/programming for details on the development kit.


No changelog has been provided with this release :(






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