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Virtual Jaguar 2.1.0


Virtual Jaguar is software dedicated to emulating the Atari Jaguar hardware on a standard PC. The software was originally developed by David Raingeard of Potato Emulation [http://potato.emu-france.com] and was released under the GPL on 25 June 2003.

Virtual Jaguar GCC/Qt is not just a port of the MS Visual C++/SDL sourcecode but has also been extended and rewritten so that we can enjoy Atari Jaguar emulation on every platform that has a GCC compiler and a port of Qt.

Currently Virtual Jaguar GCC/Qt compiles on WIN32 using mingw, and several UN*X based systems (BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS). It may run on other systems as well but we can not guarantee that.

The port was done by the SDLEMU crew (http://sdlemu.ngemu.com) and especially by Niels Wagenaar and Carwin Jones. A major portion of the rewrite was done by James Hammons. You may contact us by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or leave a message on the SDLEMU Official Forum (see the website). Patches and bugfixes are particularly welcome! :)



Virtual Jaguar v2.1.0 GCC/Qt

  • Added gamepad support. [Shamus]
  • Added fullscreen option. [Shamus]
  • Added some more developer goodies to Alpine mode. [Shamus]
  • Re-added command line switches. [Shamus]
  • Moved JERRY into host audio IRQ. This should make sound much smoother, though it may run ahead of the rest of the emulator. [Shamus]
  • Kludged a fix into the audio handler to set the correct frequency for audio playback. Note that there could still be problems with this approach, as it can be easily fooled. Thanks to Dr. Typo for the initial analysis and insight into this bug. :-) [Shamus]
  • Preliminary fixes for proper emulation of memory reads between $200000 and $800000. [Shamus]
  • Proper handling in the OP of objects with 0 IWIDTH. [Shamus]


Virtual Jaguar





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