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DCMOTO 2013.06.06


DCMOTO is an emulator for Windows of all Thomson 8 bits computers Linux, Mac-OS and other operating system users may wish to use dcmo5, dcto8d or dcto9p.


Version 2013.02

  • MO5 rom v1.1 replaced by v2.1 (last mechanical keyboard MO5 version).
  • Added one cycle to 6846 timer period to comply with real hardware.
  • Fixed key test error with T9000, TO7 and TO7/70 keyboards.
  • Fixed system PIA emulation with T9000, TO7 and TO7/70.
  • Added MC6846 timer emulation for the T9000, TO7 and TO7/70.
  • Fixed TO9 emulation freeze when launching Basic 1.0 with no disk loaded.
  • SDMOTO interface emulation with second joystick port (test in progress...).
  • Fixed condition code Z bit setting after KTEST with TO8 and TO8D keyboards.


DCMOTO - Emulateur de tous les ordinateurs 8 bits Thomson





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