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Jnes 1.2.15 (Android)


Jnes is a NES emulator that brings the console experience to your Android device. It is a port of the popular Jnes for Windows emulator, developed over many years, containing the same high quality NES emulation core and many of the same features for a great Nintendo experience.

  • Fast emulation, natively compiled, great battery life
  • Enjoyable user interface for phones and tablets
  • NTSC and PAL support
  • On screen multi-touch gamepad
  • Stereo Sound
  • Key remapping for builtin input devices such as the Sony Xperia or external USB gamepads
  • Save progress with instant save states with multiple slots
  • Touch screen zapper!
  • Game browser with cover art (Beta)

No nintendo games are included with Jnes, place game files on device storage for Jnes to find them. Visit jabosoft.com to learn more or try out the windows version.


No changelog has been provided with this update :(






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