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4DO is an open-source, low-level emulator based on the FreeDO source code.



4DO Released!

“hqx” Filters available!


  • “hqx” Filters Added – Users can select hq2x, hq3x, or hq4x from the Display menu, or in the options screen.
  • Emulation “Health” Indicator added – This is to help users identify when they have settings that are too intensive for their PCs. See more details below

The hqx filters are full-screen post-processing operations provide benefit via color matching, so there is noticeable improvement on flat fonts or cartoon-style graphics. 3DO games with video or photo-realism are much less likely to see benefit. Here’s a demonstration of hq2x:

Much like the high-resolution rendering (which I’ve renamed to “Double Resolution Rendering”), these hqx filters are very CPU intensive. For example, my 3.0Ghz processor can only handle hq2x at normal speed! Games that do not tax the CPU heavily are good candidates to try.

Note: If you performance is too low for you, you can typically sacrifice game framerate by turning down the CPU Clock Speed in the Advanced settings tab.

I have added a “Health” indicator to help identify when the emulation speed is lagging behind its proper schedule:

Green indicates normal operation. Yellow indicates that the emulation fell behind schedule once recently (and you will hear an audio skip during the compensation), but is otherwise fine. Red indicates that the emulation is chronically behind schedule (at which times framerate is too low and the audio is probably very annoying). Viewing core FPS is still available has not been changed. Games do not necessarily run at 60fps, so FPS wasn’t sufficient to gauge whether the system was running too slow, thus the introduction of the “Health” indicator.







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