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XM6i 0.52


XM6i is an unofficial port of the Japanese Sharp X68000 computer emulator XM6 for Windows, Mac OS X & NetBSD.


Major changes:

  • XM6 follows the TypeG version 3.20 specification (2015/07/30).
  • Implemented volume adjustment via menu "Sound> Output> WAVE level".
  • Fixed focus of wxMSW.
  • Implemented¬†bpf¬†network host driver .

About NetBSD version;

  • pkgsrc / x11 / wxGTK30 is required for NetBSD.

For Mac and Mac (SDL) version;

  • Mac (SDL) version is as sound exits linked with experimental SDL library.
  • The non SDL version for Mac OS X has no audio output.
  • I think that it is to operate If you install the SDL 1.2 in MacPort.


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