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Emu Loader is a graphical user interface (GUI) for arcade emulators and MAME emulator. Compatible with all versions of Windows (WinXP and newer).

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MedGui Reborn is a Windows frontend for the multi-system emulator Mednafen.

gpuBladeSoft is a feature rich PSEmuPro compatible software GPU plugin for PSX emulators. It most notably aims to improve upon the shortcomings of PlayStation's render quality with features such as higher internal resolutions, z-buffering and texture correction.

DarkMan DInput is an input plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators based on Common Controller plugin spec version #1.0 by zilmar, and Sega Dreamcast emulator Chankast based on input interface version 1.0.

NRage Input Plugin is an input plugin for Nintendo 64 emlators.

This software is distributed as is, without any guarantees of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Basically, you can't sue us if you screw up your own computer. This program is freeware released under the GPL.

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PCSX2Bonus - A PCSX2 launcher / frontend 

This is a small program I've been messing with on and off for a few weeks and I'm curious as to if anyone else would find it useful, so let me know Tongue

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SBWin (formerly SMD BIN WIN) is a SEGA Genesis ROM batch conversion utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports SMD (Super Magic Drive), BIN (Binary), and MD/MGD (Multi Game Doctor) files. It also supports two modes of compression.

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ePSXeCutor is a configuration utility I've made for the ePSXe PSX emulator... comes handy if you are juggling with many psx games and plugin configurations.

Shunyuan's HLE Audio Plugin is an audio plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators with the following features: 

  • audio plugin spec #1.2 for pj64-2.0, spec #1.1 for other emulators
  • XAudio2, DirectSound8 and No Sound driver support.
  • XAudio2 upmix to 5.1 or 7.1
  • prebuffer stream audio
  • HLE interface 
  • LLE interface
  • audio thread to update sound buffer 
  • tested with project64 1.6, project64 2.0, project64

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SoftGraphic is a software rendering HLE graphics plugin that uses MESS rdp core as rendering engine. No special RSP is needed. It is slow and you need a fast CPU to get a decent frame rate.

This plugin uses angrylion's rdp to render graphics, the credit of graphics rendering should goto MAME team and angrylion. 

PSP ISO Compressor is a compact tool designed to compress the disc images for the PlayStation Portable game console. You can use it to convert your game disc images into various formats in order to reduce their size.

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  • PS2Lunch is a simple launcher for PCSX2.
  • Newer version PCSX2 is create configs on my documents folder, and my favorite launcher was unusable.
  • Then I decided to create a launcher.
  • (Umm.. I didn't know the configuration file portable.ini...)

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Dapplegrey is a frontend for the Mac OS X DOSBox port (which you can get from the official DOSBox website) written in REALbasic.

If you've already installed DBGL, DBGL can also be used as DOSBox source to run games with Dapplegrey.

Dapplegrey gives you the ability to set options DOSBox provides to the user, but w/o having to enter those options by using the Terminal or even have to edit the...

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MupenLaunch is a free front end application for the command line Nintendo 64 emulator Mupen64Plus. Requires Mac OS X 10.7.

Emulators Organizer is an advanced program designed in order to manage your roms, Games, E-Books,Compressed files, Music and any type of file.

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Aldo's Tools ePSXe Launcher is a front-end for the PlayStation emulator ePSXe.

EmuCenter2 is a simplistic interface that combines the best emulators for video game consoles with greater simplicity

EmuCenter2 Highlights :

  • A simple interface that combines all your games (emulation, pc or internet). 
  • Automatic seeking of cover, description, slideshow and note of the game
  • Brings together the most popular console emulators for both 32 and 64 bits.
  • Sets all emulators for

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Romulus is a serious alternative to other know ROM Managers. With more than 20.000 lines of code and hundreds and hundreds of hours of coding time I wish people continuing trying this tool and talking about it.

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clrmamepro is a cool little rom manipulation and management engine for Windows.

The clrmame project started in 1997. The first release was a commandline based MS-DOS application. If you now think that it was the first auditing program I have to say: no, you're wrong.

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FAIL is a portable viewer of several Atari 8-bit, Atari ST and Atari Portfolio picture formats.

Currently the project consists of:

  • fail2png - portable command-line converter to PNG files
  • FAILWin - viewer for Windows
  • thumbnail providers for Windows Explorer (Vista and newer) and GNOME
  • plugin for XnView
  • (de)coder for ImageMagick

Note: the win64 setup package only contains 64-bit versions...

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