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Yabause-Devmiyax 0.1.14 (2016-03-06)


Yabause is a great Saturn emulator. Created by Guillaume Duhamel, there are in Mac version, Linux and Windows. The game compatibility rate is very good. The Qt version comes with an improved user interface and support for Cheats. This version created by Devmiyax greatly enhances the compatibility of games in OpenGL mode.


After a few weeks without new, Devmiyax has full output correction / enhancement for the windows version (the one that interests us) and the Android version. Here are the novelties introduced to the windows and android versions (there is no list of changes, I will translate to better commits filed by Devmiyax on Github)

  • Correction portraits that were not displayed correctly with the game Akumajou Dracula X (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed a compilation problem with GCC.
  • Added support for the adapter Sega Saturn controller   (Android and Windows can be).
  • Keycode on the menu screen (Android)
  • Slow Mo for Akumajou Dracula X (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed problem with Doukoku Soshite (Windows / Android).
  • Deleting an operation to disable the old texture.
  • Minimization of read buffer.
  • Synchro VDP1.
  • Misreading of the frame buffer with the game Burning Rangers (Windows / Android).
  • VDP Profile function.
  • Backspace year about changing the texture buffer alone.
  • Added information about the license.
  • Fixed a yellow screen issue with Akumojou game Dracula X (Windows / Android).
  • Using nanovg for all platforms supporting OpenGL.
  • Using the GL_MAP_INVALIDATE_BUFFER_BIT function when an image ends.
  • Added nanovg core (on screen display).
  • Fixed a problem of distortion of the sprite.
  • Player support 2 with adapateur the Saturn controller.
  • Fixed a problem back plan with the game Three Dirty Dwarves (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed an issue with the game Marvel Super Heroes (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed a problem with the menu was not displayed with the game Doukoku Soshite (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed problem of large display problems: no roads, no background, with Gale Racer (Windows / Android).
  • Fixed a problem with the game Falcom Classic 2 (Windows / Android).






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