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PC6001VX 2.3


PC6001VX is a fork of Yumitaro's PC6001V NEC PC-6001 emulator geared towards Linux & Unix like operating with the added bonus being compilable for Windows.


Change log has been translated from Japanese into English gibberish.


This is the 2.30.0 release of PC6001VX.

This is the only follow-up and bug fixes to the head family P6V the latest version.

As important story, from this version, it will not start in WindowsXP. And the GCC, which is provided in the development environment MSYS2 have come to request the MSVCRT after Vista, ANGLE you are using in Qt and the interior has already discontinued the XP support, XP at the level of patching because it has become difficult to adapt to.

Since P6VX has originally thought the latest environmental and emerging platforms to target, here to declare the termination of XP support.


Change log

2.30.0 2016/08/27


  • P6V1.25 base to update
  • Fixed has been solidified with the Serve the menu during movie recording.
  • Since 0.00 MinGW bugs shipped with (Windows) MSYS2, was to be built using the 6.1 the latest version.
    For Qt and MSYS2 lost their XP support, it does not work with XP from this version. Please use the 2.21 is anyone who wants to move absolutely in XP.


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