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MacFCEU 0.9d10


MacFCEU is a  Mac OS-specific port of FCE Ultra 0.98.13 (an NES/Famicom emulator), and beyond. Classic and Carbon are supported exclusively.


Minimal Requirements:

  • System 7.1 or later (7.5.5+ recommended)
    • A 68020 or better - a 266MHz+ computer is necessary for real time performance; 333MHz+ for full, smooth performance, working speed features
    • Note: requirements may be lower with sound turned off (0% volume)
  • 2700KB of RAM (Largest Unused Block), preset to 4 MB/3 MB
  • The optimal sample rate is 2x the native/set system rate. (44509 for the 22254.54545 Hz rate; divides evenly by two as far as the Sound Manager's 16 bits of fractional precision is concerned.)


MacFCEU 0.9d10


  • Added NTSC video filter!
  • Various fixes.
  • Asm-accelerated blitter (M68K).
  • Updated "2A03 technical reference" to fit observed facts.
  • NSF:
    • Got some NSFs that read vector addresses to work.
    • Added default track time option.
  • Sound:
    • DC filter loss now an integer since high sample rates affect precision.
    • Added option to disable direct DA input (4011h writes).




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