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Pocket Computers


ICE64 is a N64 emulator base on NICE64 v2.1.2 code base and is currently under Phase III of development.  It is used as a learning platform to upgrade my programming skill.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, compatibility to Zilmar specification is not a consideration and ICE64 emulator and plugins do not conform 100% to Zilmar specification.

Project Objectives

The main objectives are...

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nds4droid is a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator for Android based on DeSmuME. It is currently in it's infancy but does support most of the features one would expect in an emulator.

msxDS is a MSX / MSX 2 / MSX2+ home computer standard emulator for the Nintendo DS / DS Lite / DSi console. msxDS is based on fmsxDS v.0.07 from Nyagosu but since then, several bugfixes and improvements have been added. Moreover, emulation has become much faster.

FB Alpha is a multi-system arcade emulator for Windows.

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LisaEm emulates Apple Computer's Lisa 2/5 computer.

LisaEm is the world's first Lisa emulator project, started in late 1997, and it is the first to be able to emulate enough of the Lisa hardware accurately enough so as to be run the Lisa Office 7/7. While other emulators for the Lisa exist now, they do so because of the efforts of this project.

LisaEm attempts not just to emulate the Lisa...

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This emulator born as a proof of concept of an emulator made in D.

Now it's getting more and more compatible with homebrew, and gaining in features and speed.

The emulator was based in it's first version on great Noxa's C# pspplayer emulator.

NeoPop is a portable open-source "NeoGeo Pocket (Color)" emulator.

PokeMini is a portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini.

Android platform is being under development, atm is in beta testing

0.5.x features a debugger and "sync cycles" option which allow improving performance (at cost of accuracy) along with many other features, improvements and new platforms

VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) is an emulator for Nintendo’s Game Boy, Color and Advance, handheld game consoles. VBA now has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac.

VBA-ReRecording is the re-recording branch of the stable 1.7.2 version of VisualBoyAdvance, a Game Boy / Super Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance emulator.

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SharpBoy is a Nintendo Game Boy Emulator in C# using OpenTK, written in 2011 by xdaniel.

QDAE is a Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. This version emulates the Apricot F1, Xi and Portable; it may support other F-series and PC-series Apricots as well.

QDAE 0.0.8 and later also emulate the Wang Professional Computer.

Features wholly or partly implemented are:

  • Emulates the 8086 processor (using the CPU emulation from GDE).
  • Emulates the infrared

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HEIG-Boy is an attempt to create, at least, the cpu part of a GameBoy emulator.

GiiBiiAdvance is a GameBoy emulator: It emulates GB, GBC, SGB and GBA  roms. To load them, just drag them to the program icon or clic in File/Load  (or press CTRL + L).

The GBA emulation is new of this program, the rest is taken from my other emulator GiiBii, so GiiBiiAdvance has the high compatibility that GiiBii has. The GBA core is new, so there are still lots of bugs, its compatibility is...

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GEST is a Gameboy/Gameboy Color/SGB emulator for Windows.


  • open source
  • written in C/C++
  • Graphics use DirectDraw
  • sound uses FMOD
  • most of graphics, sound and SGB emulation code is based on VisualBoyAdvance


  • emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy
  • very compatible, only a few games have serious problems, see compatibility list
  • very accurate graphics and

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Gambatte is an accuracy-focused, cross-platform Game Boy Color emulator. It is based on a few thousand corner-case hardware tests, as well as previous documentation and reverse engineering efforts.

PCem is an emulator for old XT/AT-class PCs.

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openMSX is an open source MSX emulator which is free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, available under the GNU General Public License.

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This is original "black-and-white" GameBoy (DMG-01) emulator. It supports variety of mappers, boot from internal ROM and has nice-looking LCD effect. Compatibility is pretty high.

It is very portable with minimal code modifications and can be used for educational purposes.

Controls in Windows:

  • Arrows = Arrows %)
  • A - SELECT
  • S - START
  • Z - B
  • X - A
  • Enter - press all buttons at once (to do

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DinoBoy is a GameBoy (Color) emulator. After this release (v1.0), I won't be updating this project with new features anytime soon. Maybe in future I will decide to improve it but do not expect new version anytime soon, except for maybe some bug fixes.

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