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Pocket Computers


Emu64 is a low-level emulation program, which emulates the Commodore 64 on a PC running Windows.

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CCS64 is a Commodore 64 Emulator for PC and also in the future other platforms. It was developed by me, Per Håkan Sundell, as my Master Thesis at my university in 1995 and have been expanded a lot since then. My personal  interest in the C64 has been very intensive since 1983 when I was spending nearly all my time with it, and I was deeply involved in the so called "Scene". When I later in 1987...

Read More is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer ( It was ported to the Wii by Simon Kagstrom, and many C64 games are fully playable on the Wii with it. So go ahead and beat your friends in International Karate, Boulder Dash or Bomb Jack. This version is not the same as Troy Davis implementation, but Troys work is available in a branch in the...

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SharpChip-8 is an experimental Chip-8 interpreter/emulator written in C# and using OpenTK. It can run many demos, games and programs.


  • Load Chip-8 roms (ch8 and ck8)
  • Good speed
  • Debugger (Memory Viewer/Dumper, Register viewer, Disassembler)
  • Sound support
  • Tweaks (Cpu speed, pixels color, etc...)
  • Partial input support (Virtual Pad)

System requierements

  • 1 Ghz processor
  • Ram 256

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uBee512 emulates all of the Microbee Z80 series of microcomputers, including ROM, Floppy and Hard disk-based models.

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PearPC is an architecture-independent PowerPC platform emulator capable of running most PowerPC operating systems.


  • License: GPL
  • Programming language: C++, C and (on x86 platforms) assembler
  • Supported host platforms: POSIX-X11 (Linux, ...), Win32

The following operating systems were tested and run (to some extent) in PearPC (ie. as clients):

  • Mandrake Linux 9.1 for PPC

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SheepShaver is an open source PowerPC Apple Macintosh emulator. Using SheepShaver (along with the appropriate ROM image) it is possible to emulate a PowerPC Macintosh computer capable of running Mac OS 7.5.2 through 9.0.4. Builds of SheepShaver are available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

SheepShaver is considered a good replacement for the Classic Environment which is not available in the...

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Basilisk II is an open source emulator of 68xxx-based Macintosh computers for Windows, OS X and Linux. With Basilisk II, one can boot Mac OS versions 7.x through 8.1. Ports of Basilisk II are available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and a number of lesser known systems. Users require a Macintosh ROM image and a copy of Mac OS to use with the emulator.

AppleWin is a Apple II emulator for Windows. Source code is also available for those who would like to build binaries for themselves.

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Sweet16 is the most capable Apple IIgs emulator for computers running Mac OS X. Based on the BeOS version of Sweet16, which was in turn based on the outlandishly popular Bernie ][ The Rescue, its code is mature and positioned to have more and better features added over time. Apple IIgs fanatics and nostalgic '80s junkies alike will love Sweet16!

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pomDS is an Apple ][ Computer emulator for the Nintendo DS.


To use this emulator, you must use compatibles DSK or NIB files. You also need at least the apple ][ and disk bios. Do not ask me about such files, I don't have them. A search with Google will certainly help you.


You must know that there is a big database in the asimov ftp or search for emulator like appleemu ;) !

KEGS is an Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, and Win32. The Apple IIgs was the most powerful computer in the Apple II line. It first was sold in 1986.  An Apple IIgs has the capability to run almost all Apple II, Apple IIe, and Apple IIc programs.


KEGS supports all Apple IIgs graphics modes (which include all Apple //e modes), plus plays all Apple IIgs sounds accurately.  It supports...

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Jace is a logical reproduction of an enhanced Apple //e computer, written in Java 6 and tested on various platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS X).

Features include:

  • 128kb RAM, 80 columns
  • Supports all video modes, including B&W and "Mixed" RGB modes
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes supported (press F9 to toggle)
  • Disk ][ controller fully emulated (DSK, DO, PO, NIB images supported)
  • Apple Super

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Catakig is an emulator for the popular Apple II series of personal computers, supporting the Apple ][, ][+, //e, and //c models. The current version runs on PowerPC Macintoshes under MacOS X 10.3 and later, and on Intel Macs under MacOS X 10.4 and later.

Catakig is an open-source project, released under a BSD style of license. It is generally free for use (but please read the included license...

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Agat Emulator is a Apple ][ and Agat 7/9 software simulation program for Win32.

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Pom1 is an Apple 1 emulator and is being ported to C from the original Java version. It uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer library and works on most platforms.

napple1 ia a Apple 1 emulator for xterm or console, using ncurses. Derived from Pom1 emulator.

faux1 is an Apple1 emulator, like the Replica1, for the terminal with full cut and paste. Forked from napple1 and pom1. Tested with figFORTH and APPLESOFT BASIC.

Tested and compiled on LINUX 3.0.x, OSx 10.6.x, and Windows XP/Vista/7 and it works well. A folder of sample applications is included for you to be ab le to use your "faux1" right after the install.

Pre compiled Windows installer and...

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JOYCE emulates the Amstrad PCW on Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Since it's written using SDL, it shouldn't be too hard to port it to other platforms such as MacOS Classic or BeOS.

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This software enables you to control various windows applications (e.g. a web browser, games on the web, Photoshop shortcuts, Microsoft office, and even Windows itself) by using your favorite joystick.  Whenever you press joystick buttons and sticks, JoyToKey will convert the input into keyboard strokes and mouse movements so that the target application works as you pre-configured!

NOTE: On...

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